Spruce Haven 2015.


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Admission Rates

Adult (over 14 yrs) $12.00 Children (up to 14 yrs) $8.00

Guided Group Rates *

Tour of animal facilities (1-1.5 hrs) $6.00 Tour of animal facilities + mini-hike (2-2.5 hrs) $8.00 Above + mountain hike (approx. 3 hrs) $10.00 * Prices listed are per person (Group min. of 20 required)

Group Activities

1. Tour of animal facilities. Tour guide will review the history of each animal, it's predominant characteristics, it's place in nature's balance, and the effect of humans on it in the modern world. (includes a visit in petting area) 2. Tour of animal facilities + mini-hike. In addition to 1 above, discussion will centre around the role of plants, trees, streams, ponds on our environment.  A garden tour will be included which will centre on food production, soil, fertilizing, insects, etc.   3. Mountain hike, includes both 1 & 2 above. This is for physically active children over 10 yrs and adults. It requires clothing and footwear suitable for hiking over moderately rough inclined rocky terrain. (no rock climbing is involved). The mountaintop offers a photographer's dream view of the city, St Mary's River, and the surrounding countryside.

Visitor Hours

The Spruce Haven Nature Park is open to the public annually between May 1 - October 31. * Monday-Saturday:  10 am - 6 pm Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm * Although the Nature Park is closed between November - April, our Pet Resort is open year round.
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