Spruce Haven 2015.


Welcome to our new Spruce Haven Nature Park website, (still under construction)! This new updated website is designed to provide you with the latest information regarding our nature oriented attraction. We are located 20 minutes from downtown Sault Ste. Marie on 30 acres of beautiful natural countryside.

About Spruce Haven

Spruce Haven Nature Park (formerly known as Spruce Haven Zoo), is owned and operated by the Marshall family, whose home is on the same property. The facility started in the 1980's as a rescue facility for injured or abandoned domestic animals and birds. Through the years other injured and abandoned wildlife as well as exotic animals became residents.

Key facts

No animals or birds are taken from their normal habitat. There is no monetary profit from operation of Spruce Haven Nature Park. Costs are recovered through admission fees and other family income. “Back to nature” group hikes have been initiated. These hikes provide an opportunity to connect with the real natural outdoor world, as it relates to plants, animals, food production, and the environment. The role of humans in the balance of nature is a key discussion point.

Knowledge and Experience

Our many years of experience dealing with an assortment of  animals has given us the knowledge required in the areas of health, diets, and enrichment needs of our furred and feathered residents. You can be assured that we have the advice and service of qualified Veterinarians, if required. We are experienced in the application of medications, specialized diets, and recognizing when special attention may be required with older animals or birds or those with a medical issue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for children and adults to connect with the real natural world of animals and nature through an outdoors experience.
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